Flight emissions on map

View emissions for flights directly on the interactive world map at flightemissionmap.org. The site offers a fast and intuitive way to calculate the greenhouse gas emissions from flying. You can check what emissions a flight which you are planning to do can lead to, but you can also go back and calculate the emissions from flights you have taken in the past.

The emissions calculations are the same as in www.travelandclimate.org. Non-CO2 effects are included in the calculations.

FlightEmissionMap was developed by Björn von Sydow in collaboration with Jörgen Larsson at Chalmers University of Technology och Anneli Kamb at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Erik Nylund contributed to the design. The site aims to be a tool for increasing awareness of the climate footprint of flights. The people behind the site have no relationship to the aviation industry or organisations that sell climate compensation.

Contact: bjorn@flightemissionmap.org