Who's behind it?

The project was originally initiated by the Climate Smart Vacation Network of West Sweden, which consists of researchers, public bodies and tourism actors in Gothenburg and West Sweden, with the aim of collectively addressing tourism’s contribution to climate change. The network is affiliated with the Centre for Tourism at the University of Gothenburg and Mistra Urban Futures.

The following organizations were responsible for funding and participation in developing the platform:
The Region of West Sweden via Klimat 2030Centre for Tourism at the University of Gothenburg, Chalmers University of TechnologyWest Sweden Tourism BoardThe City of GothenburgGöteborg & CoMistra Urban Futures and Mistra Sustainable Consumption.

Principal for the project is the Centre for Tourism at the University of Gothenburg, where Erik Lundberg is project owner. Jörgen Larsson, researcher at Chalmers University of Technology, is responsible for all numerical data used and for the methodological report which was produced. Fredrik Warberg, Tidsverkstaden, was project leader.

The original digital platform was developed during 2017-2018 and this site was launched in 2019. The next updated version was published in 2022. This English version of the website was released in May 2024. 

Contact: info@travelandclimate.org